About Us

We at Escrowps have three years in the community and have escrowed over 4000 transactions. Escrowps is a company dedicated towards solving the major escrow problems in the Cryptocurrency community.

The company was founded in response to a growing demand for quick and reputable escrow solutions for large amounts of cryptocoins. Over time, we have built a sterling reputation for ourselves through sheer dedication and reliability.

In 2016, the company began to operate a decentralized system in affiliation with special OTC experts, functioning exclusively by providing the best escrow services for large multinational businesses, private companies and individuals in the Cryptocurrency industry. Federal Escrow has been widely known for its decentralized autonomous operation worldwide. (DAO)

We have our dedicated team of motivated experts who understand not only the process but also the due diligence requirements. Our specialists will liaise with you or your representative from your first contact until successful conclusion of the escrow arrangement and service.

What We Offer

There is a multitude of areas where our clients may require our services such as:

* Cryptocurrency trade (BUY/SELL)
* Capital raising
* Settling of disputes
* Assets held as collateral
* Funds held pending regulatory approval
* Payouts to injured parties
* Private Portfolio and asset management (Money management)
* Brokerage services and others as seen in 3rd grade customer document.

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