Never buy or sell online without using your #1 Trusted Crptocurrency  Escrow

Pay, send, receive and trade safely withouth the risk of chargebacks. Trully secure payments.

Your funds are kept in a secure 2 of 3 multi-signature transaction where we hold only one key. We accept any type of transaction.

Dispute Guide

We encourage buyers and sellers to resolve disputes between themselves. However this is not always possible, so we offer an impartial systematic approach to solving most common disputes..

Escrow Process

Our escrow process is almost entirely automated. However, for security reasons we manually process all release of funds, and the dispute resolution services. We are the most secure bitcoin escrow with multi-signature transactions.

Automated Transactions

We are committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy. Set out below is information that we are required to communicate to our customers. We recommend that you keep this information for future reference.

What We Cover

Our coverage is limited to the escrow bitcoins while they are under our direct control. That is, after we receive escrow bitcoins, until we settle the escrow. For example we cover against losses arising from:
* Theft from our server(s)
* Hacking our server(s)
* Unauthorized access to our server(s)
* Lost or misplaced bitcoins by our system or staff
* Any loss of bitcoins arising from our negligence

Escrow Service Guarantee

Whether you’re a seasoned bitcoin expert, or a first-time bitcoin user, escrow delivers the level of service, expertise, and peace-of-mind you need. As part of our service guarantee we cover the first $500 USD, or the total value of bitcoins in escrow if less than $500 USD.

Get Paid Easily & Quickly

Getting paid or moving money around was never been easier or faster. All you have to do is create escrow and follow the simple procedure in order to finish the process. Our team is made of hand picked leading experts in order to offer you the most secured cryptocurrency escrow online.


Create Escrow

The buyer or seller clicks the Create Escrow Transaction button in the menu and enters the transaction information and options. Registered users save 0.15% on escrow fees and build their trust score to inspire confidence in future transactions.

Review Terms

The seller receives an email inviting them to the escrow. Once they review the escrow settings and accept, the buyer sends the funds. Both buyer and seller receive links to monitor the status of the escrow transaction.

Complete Transaction

Once funds are received, the seller transfers the cryptocurrency or ships the product or performs the service, etc. The buyer then has an inspection period to receive and inspect the product. If they are satisfied they release the funds to the seller or if there is a problem they can raise a dispute instead.

Our Approach to Security

To protect your escrow funds we require that you take the following precautions:

1. Do NOT send bitcoins to a bitcoin address you received via email
2. Check the URL domain is
3. We do not have an ONION domain in tor, they are fake webs of scammers.
4. Check the automated emails are from a address
5. You must verify your email address and the escrow details on for each transaction
6. We do not send the escrow’s payment address via email
7. If the confirmation email goes to your SPAM or Junk folder it’s most likely a spoofed email
8. Confirm deposited bitcoins by using the View Transaction form on not rely on email notifications
9. Contact us immediately if you have any suspicions

Mission Statement

My mission is to add trust and reliability to online bitcoin transactions at minimal costs. We aim to provide a bitcoin escrow service that protects both buyers and sellers, via an independent, impartial dispute resolution service.

Service Guarantee

Our Service Guarantee also does not cover dispute resolution. In the case of dispute resolution you agree that our decision is final.

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